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What Is All The Buzz About Solavei?

Hey there - I am Scott Hall - one of the initial and early Founders of a brand new company named SOLAVEI.

There is a lot of buzz going on about this Company, and for once, I can assure you, the buzz is truly justified.  Let’s look at the basics.

What do 95% of people in America have in common?  They all have a cell phone.  And more than that, their cell phone has become an extension of virtually everything they do in their social lives.  From talking to texting to social networks to video -  their cell phone is in a lot of ways the center of their social community.

That is where SOLAVEI comes in.  Solavei has created a social commerce network based around the cell phone.

Here is the SOLAVEI value proposition.

$49 Unlimited Talk, Text & Data  - all you can consume - no roaming or overage charges as long as you are in the 50 United States.  Pretty amazing huh?  Well, it gets better.

SOLAVEI is using a referral model to build the new social commerce network.  When an existing SOLAVEI member refers another member to the network, SOLAVEI pays the member for that referral for as long as the new member maintains their service.  Because of this referral model, after referring just 9 members to the network, your SOLAVEI service is FREE.

Imagine that.  Unlimited Talk, Text & Data  - all you can consume - Absolutely FREE.  But Wait - as it gets even better!

Because every member of the SOLAVEI network has the ability to refer other members, there is additional compensation as your personal network grows and a very lucrative compensation plan attached.  SOLAVEI members are making very significant incomes using really great mobile service without having to pay anything at all for it.

In a nutshell, that’s what the buzz is all about.  SOLAVEI is a revolutionary concept that has just launched and is truly creating an explosion of excitement.

I know the SOLAVEI excitement first hand.  As a FOUNDER of the company, our small group has literally exploded to the four corners of the United States.

Is SOLAVEI for you?

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I look forward to hearing from you, and WELCOMING YOU TO SOLAVEI !